It is not often that you come across a competition where the prize instantly has you dreaming - about what can be in terms of .. well, who knows? For me, this happened last week: I came across the competition of Wakukuu, and from them on started fantasizing - about clothes, shoes and what not. Uh oh .. 

Wakakuu is a Swedish high end webshop with beautiful brands such as Acne (which I adore. completely), Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang and √Čtoile Isabel Marant (ok. these I adore too) - makes one without a tough wallet drool, to be quite honest. It is exactly therefore that I decided to take a chance and enter their competition, as they promise 10.000SEK of shopping money for the win: as I'm just a student, I immediately started dreaming about those Acne Cypress Boots. And what is this competition exactly, you ask? Well, they allow a girl to do what a girl does best: out of all the precious clothes on the webshop, one is to pick her favourites and style an entire outfit. When satisfied, the outfit can be submitted to Wakakuu, after which a jury will select a winner. 

As I wish all my readers a proper chance on winning this fashion fantasy, I tought I'd put it up here; hence
I invite you to take on the challenge and find your inner designer - just like I did, the result can be seen above!

Good luck! 

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