We're already a full day into Paris Fashionweek, but yours truly is still daydreaming about the fashion from Milan. What a week, wasn't it? Generally the designers showing in Milan are too 'dynamic' for my taste (think' wide use of colors and details), but this week has been interesting to see. One collection in particular stole my heart: Costume National AW2014. Why? Because it combines strong colors with strong (minimal) designs. Couldn't think of a better combo. 
What do you think? 

Pictures from Vogue UK



That 'in between' feeling, like summer is coming but it's not quite there yet - then again, every now and then a glimpse is revealed with an intense hit of sunshine or the appearance of a butterfly (yes, in February - the Dutch have officially skipped Winter). It leaves me craving for summer, period.. This editorial from Costume Magazine Finland July 2013, with Emma Oak captured by Dennis Stenild, captures exactly how I would like that summer to go down - loads of sunshine, white pieces of clothing and well ,, that ultimate minimal vibe. Hence a perfect Inspiration Monday post. Have a great Monday you all! X 
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Oh, the perks of a new season arriving in stores: mass inspiration, endless (online) shopping expeditions and careful budget considerations - all in favor of getting together that perfect wardrobe. Nevertheless, a warm welcome to SS2014. My wishlist items + webshop links are found below, what are yours? 



Oh, how time flies! In terms of fashionweeks, we're already moving on to Milan - but not before we've talked about London properly. Because boy, London was góód - don't you agree? 

1. Burberry Prorsum. If any, Burberry Prorsum has shown us thé way to wear our scarves next season (nonchalant, that is) and the way to decorate (those sheepskin jackets..!). It translated into a somewhat dreamy collection given the silhouettes, but at the same time I couldn't escape the hippy vibe brought by the color palette and decorations. A true eyecatcher. 

2. Topshop Unique. Where high end meets high street, in a way that's widely appreciated. Also by yours truly, who is now craving those knee high boots - do I need to explain? The collection itself came through as quite the raw one, working a tomboy vibe - yet at the same time, a soft touch was also found in the materials, colors and some designs. Great combination, if you ask me. 

3. Giles. A bit hyped because of the Kardasian presence (who wore a stunning dress, honestly), this show generated quite some excited reactions. And I agree; the diverse collection satisfies in any womans' needs - from that beautiful cozy Sunday knit to funky evening dresses. Also, the color palette triggers ones' creativity: amongst stable black/grey/white, orange and lime green were also to be found .. how's that for a twist.

Pictures from Vogue UK



Honestly, the ethnic vibe in fashion is often too much for me - too much colors, details and eyecatchers combined in one picture. For some reason, this editorial from Dansk Magazine #31 went against all that, while maintaining that busy ethnic vibe - be it in a sort of subtile way. And so, I fell for this editorial. In particular the first picture, where the subtile outfit and pose perfectly add up to the colors and chaos in the background. How's that for Monday Inspiration? Pictures from Photos De Mode 




Over the past few years, I didn't dare to put on leather in whatever shape or form - I always had this SM sex notion in the back of my mind, no matter how good/ chic/ nonSM leather looked on others. It hence took me by surprise that my eyes were more and more catched by leather pieces this past few months. THIS editorial with Daria Werbowy definitely did part of the trick, as it got me obsessed - how good is it! In addition, the increasing range of leather opportunities in store helped me forward: it's not only about the bikerjacket anymore, but also the leather pants, shirts and who knows what else.. Options! But as a leather rookie, I will probably make my first leather steps in a bikerjacket - hopefully one like this beauty from Lot 78. It's available at Net a Porter, HERE!



Honestly, I have something against a set day to be romantic - I rather enjoy romance on other days of the year, where I don't feel obliged to work the magic between me and my love. That being said, nothing wrong with considering and appreciating that what one loves in live, right? The outcome is the list below. Happy Valentine's day!

1. The boy. I'm happy to say that the love of my life is right next to me.
2. Cold yet sunny weather. Ultimate happiness. The cold wakes me up and makes me feel all energetic, while the sun makes me smile. Perfect days for a stroll through the city or a bikeride without destination - an activity completed with a warm cup of tea when back home again. 
3. Saturday breakfast. Nothing beats a proper Saturday breakfast with my love, where we take our time and just relax. Music on the background, papers and (fashion)magazines on the side, good food and great conversations. Best way to start the weekend, period. 
4. Music. My very own happy pill that makes me go that extra bit harder in the gym, cheers me up when needed or calms me down in times of chaos. Current playlist favorites are Iggy Azalea, Stromae and Beyonce - perfect for dancing around the house while the boy is out!
5. Greece. I've spend virtually all my holidays in Greece while growing up, lucky bastard that I am. Consequently, Greece feels like home - it's a culture I've grown to love and appreciate. Also Greece provided me with both my first kiss and my first heartbreak; so many memories, so much I have learned. 
6. Fruit. The small joy in life: blueberries in the breakfast, a banana after my workout, strawberries as a snack and an apple a day to keep the doctors away - you know what I'm saying? 
7. Getting lost. Don't take this one too exact: it's more of a 'loose' description to point out the moments in life where I had to, or decided to, change direction unexpected, both on major and smaller scale. It has taught me so so much, and hence I entirely agree with the quote above. 
8. Travelling. The cliché - it's what we all love, right? My international focus developed quite early, with a steady six year ambition to become a pilot and travel the world - sadly, both my eyes and my talent for science weren't good enough. So instead I took on an international study at university and travelled like crazy - the last one I'll definitely keep up in the future.  
9. Fashion. Over the past 1.5 years I've gotten more and more into it - it led to both this blog and a more developed sense of who I am and what I stand for; after all, fashion is a great way to reflect just that. 

What are the things you love in life? 



I couldn't not continue the New York Fashionweek love on STYLONYM, with so many beautiful designs and collections catching my eye .. are we fashionvictims spoiled or what? One of my latest favorites is the AW2014 collection of AllSaints: it's raw and edgy, combining various fabrics that together translate into strong designs. Yet at the same time the designs are feminine and chic - embracing an elegant and subtile touch. Hence a collection I could not resist, resulting in its appearance on the blog and with that a big THANKYOU to everything fashion New York has given us this week.. Now off to London! Pictures from Vogue UK