The white: strong, powerful, balanced, chic, cool and fresh. One of my current favorites, particularly as the days are getting darker and I can appreciate some brightness. Hence an ode to the white today, with this stunning ediorial from Harper's Bazaar UK, the December issue. Enjoy, and have a lovely weekend! Pictures from Image Bam



The holidays are on its way, and I've slowly began my search for a perfect outfit. Although I'm not a dress/ skirt type of gal, I came across some great ones - both budget and non-budget, two of which you'll find below. 

Generally, I tend to pick dresses that are quite simple, allowing me to 'spice them up' with other pieces of clothing or accessoires. If I wouldn't have to check in with my bankaccount, I'd definitely wear this stunning dress from Victoria Beckham - the cool, chic and elegant design is the perfect female twist to my own clean style. However, as its price is about two times my monthly rent I'm forced to turn to alternatives .. which are a treat as well! Especially Zara, where this little black dress caught my eye amongst many others - again quite clean, but look at that back! How's that for a detail? 

What will you be wearing during the holidays?

Left: Icon Cap Sleeve V Neck Fitted Dress - Victoria Beckham



A full month left, but I'm already head over heels with Christmas. The cold nights, warmed up with tea/ candles/ blankets, are favorite and I can't wait for the first snow to fall .. right about time for the Christmas wishlist.

What's on your Christmas wishlist?

Black/ White Phone Case - Caseable
The current case is near its end, and well.. this one is just to cool to resist!

Dries van Noten - Golbin/ Debo/ Bowles at The Book Depository (to be published in 2014!)
Already appreciated his work, but since my Antwerp trip I'm hooked. Need this, definitely.

Printed Blouse - Zara
Have been looking for something formal yet interesting to wear to jobinterviews. Tadaa! (envision combo with black skinny jeans)

CM Silver - Larsson & Jennings
For a while now I've said I got to start carrying a watch to get my act together - and this one is just too perfect.

Wool Scarf (Creme) -  B56 Store (on sale!)
Will go extremely well with my black COS coat, and will be needed to keep me warm.

Vogue NL Subscription 
Couldn't live without my magazine moments, you know?

Triangle Ring - Still With You
I'm a sucker for silver, let alone eyecatching designs such as triangles.

Asymetric Skirt - & Other Stories
That length and design work for me, period.

Indiana Ice Bikini - Triangl Swimwear
Beautiful bikini, which will remind me why too much Christmas diner is no good at all.

Maili Pouch - Samudra
To go with that bikini, and keep my summer mood intact.

Leather Ankle Boots - Zara 
The type of chic boot that's missing in my closet, currently.



I'm find myself grabbing the black, white and grey items more and more often during shopping - and I must admit I like it; rather than with color, I play around with shapes and silhouettes these days. Therefore today an ode to the color minimalism and use of silhouettes and shapes: enjoy this black/ white/ pink based editorial from WSJ Magazine! Pictures from Fashioncopious



I wasn't quite aware that prefall collections are the counterpart of the resort collections, and honestly I'm still terrified by the pace at which designers put together new collections (when exactly do the eat/drink/sleep?) .. But on the positive side: it provides a constant flow of new fashion to gaze at and get obsessed with. And boy, did I gaze at the 2014 Prefall collection of DKNY: sport and chic, it's all need. Pictures from Vogue Netherlands



An 'oldie' from Styleby #11 I came across this afternoon. Do I need to say more? Pictures from Pinterest



There are the fashionweeks, but naturally there's so much more. Trying to dive into that 'so much more', I came across Joseph - and I definitely want more from Joseph. This stunning label generally presents new collections through press presentations, thereby being slightly less visible than the 'runway' labels - but what a great SS2014 collection. The good news is Joseph will be showing during the next London Fashion Week to celebrate the 25year anniversary of their Fulham Road boutique .. I can't wait! In the meantime, I'd propose we enjoy the SS2014 collection below.