What a week it has been. First days as a citizen of Haarlem, cycling to the sea in 15 minutes and enjoying the little shops and boutiques - not to mention starting my first fulltime job and discovering my new workplace. It has been a rollercoaster, and STYLONYM has suffered from that as I've been everything but able to update and take care of the blog. Sorry! I guess I need time to settle, get used to the new place and rythm and work out what I like to do and how .. For STYLONYM this means a short 'on hold' period, but I sincerely hope you'll bear with me - my new environment is so inspiring in terms of fashion and design, and I can't wait to discover and share it with you all. Just need to settle first - unpack boxes, makes tours in the local Ikea and, most important, clear my head. But I promise you - I'll be back!