Must admit, I've fallen for the sandal too. Been holding it off for quite a while, but the clean design and (often) comfortable fit have got me hooked. Whether I'm going feminine or tomboy, the sandal seems to suit it all. How is that possible, you ask, given that untill recently the sandal was linked to those 1) with orthopedical issues 2) with not-so-much interest for style? Well, you can find the result below - a gettogether of my favorite outfits including the sandal. Happy Wednesday! Pictures via Pinterest

How about you, are you a fan of the 'new' sandal?



While I'm typing this blogpost, the rain is pouring and the world seems nothing but grey - which will be the first explanation for going with the editorial below as an Inspiration Monday post. Other than that, it's about the prints and details: even though prints often strike me as too 'busy' or chaotic, the ones styled in this editorial I am genuinely excited about, and the details - subtile but eyecatching strong. It brings about a sexy and strong summer vibe, which tells exactly how I'd like my summer to be. Happy Monday! Pictures from Fashion gone Rogue



I'm on a roll when it comes to discovering new designers, collections and labels; or so I may believe. After finding Michael Lo Sordo a week or two ago (click to see!), I yesterday laid eyes on the latest collection of the Canadian born Thomas Tait - whom I hadn't known untill then. Honestly, he couldn't have grasped my view on fashion anyway better: his PF2014/2015 collection is strong, minimal and does contain an eyecatching shade of red here and there. Elegant, strong and interesting designs - does it get better? You'll find my 10 favorite looks below, hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do - and oh yes, happy Friday! Pictures from Vogue NL



3 essentials for summer. Because summer is just a bit more fun, flawless & chic with these around. 

1. The right white. Because crispy white is flawless, elegant and chic - and it makes your suntouched skin come out just that little bit better. My white pieces of obsession can be found above. 

2. The right sandals. And this is a though cookie, because every summer sandals come back in (too) many shapes and sizes, and not all of them will get you through the season. Yours truly will preferably go for flat minimal leather - flat because summer needs to be as comfortable as possible, minimal because it combines so effortless, leather because I'd like a pair that will serve me well for quite a while. Current considerations found above. 

3. The right bag. And with right, I mean a bag that both suits ones' style and the variety of events that summer brings forward. How many times didn't I end up with my 'day to day casual bag' on a more fancy event, because I didn't bother to go home and change when I also could enjoy the sun? Definitely looking for something minimal that fits many occasions and allows to me to drag with me my stuff at the same time - like the bags above. 

What are your essentials for summer 2014?



What a week it has been - my birthday came and went, along with multiple visits of friends & family and a day well spent in Amsterdam. Needless to say I'm up for a bit of piece and quiet right now, which has started yesterday with a big ass Easter breakfast and some attention for the blog (stay tuned..!). Amongst others, it resulted in the find of a first class Inspiration Monday post - the beautiful pictures below originate from an editorial in Vogue Spain February 2014, shot by Patrick Demarchelier. Thought it was a perfect strong balance between casual cool and feminine chic - and thus would make a great Inspiration Monday post. Happy Monday! Pictures from Photos de Mode



Because I'm not only dreaming about summer, but also about out-of-reach-my-wallet-won't-let-me pieces too..!

See by Chloé denim culottes / Chloé - Attitudes / Givency sandals / Equipment shirt / J.W. Anderson wide-leg pants/ Céline sunglasses / Common Projects nubuk sneakers / Heidi Klein striped bikini 

All available at Net-a-Porter



Didn't launch the WHITE board on the STYLONYM Pinterest for nothing, naturally (click to see!). Today a little celebration of the white and everything white can do - with this fresh and bright editorial from Elle France, March 2014. Makes me long for some new white additions to my wardrobe, I must admit. Happy Monday! Pictures from Why Not Model MGMT