Dear readers, I wish you all Happy New Year! May your wishes come true, your dreams be fulfilled and well, your life be good! And in the slipstream of the New Years wishes, a big THANKYOU to all of you for reading this blog and supporting it. I've had a great time with STYLONYM so far: got to know new people and places, developed my own style and took inspiration from all of you! Who knows what 2014 will bring? In any case, I will continue to blog about my Synonym to Style (yep, that's where to blogname is derived from) and hopefully provide you with inspiration and a laugh or two as well - and o yes, I can reveal the first (big!) giveaway is about to be launched too.. Looking forward.

Have a great one! X Jessica



New Years Eve is upon us, after times of Christmas cozyness. Although yours truly is quite the minimalistic person when it comes to fashion, NYE triggers something in me - and even though this NYE will be the ultimately quiet due to 2 job interviews in the first days of January, I find myself attached to more glamerous and eyecatching fashion these days. This editorial from StyleBy magazine #12 captures just that; colors and details prevail, while a feminine yet raw style is captured. Love it. Pictures from Fashion Gone Rogue.



We're well on our way to NYE, so I guess it's about time for the 2014 resolutions.. bear with me!

1. Clean out my closet. My taste of clothes has made a shift last year, leaving my closet suffering - it's stuffed with items I definitely won't wear anymore, while those I do wear lay outside the closet as I use them all the time. Hence time for a muchneeded cleanup - and donate that what's not used anymore to those who do need it, eh?

2. Mind my shopping - Financial. This year, I started with a clean approach to purchasing: leave out the cheap stuff, no matter how cute it looks and how cheap it is, and invest. It has brought me only good; items of for example Acné or Designers Remix aren't normally within my budget, but now I own them and I love them.. and they're well worth holding in on those H&M/ Zara/ etc items, as they live a lot longer. 2014 will hopefully bring more investments/ a more solid wardrobe, as I hope to get a job and with that a proper income.  

3. Mind my shopping - Trying. Stick with what works, one could argue - but where does that leave you? 2014 will be my year of trying out new things; as a fashion rookie who only just starts to understand her own style, there's a world left to try out and try on. And I will.

4. Loose weight. The ultimate cliché resolution, naturally. No matter how you look upon it, fact is that fashion becomes less fun when items don't fit or look horrible - now I don't come across that problem just yet, but as I want to avoid any possible negative experiences in the future ánd I can use more energy/ workouts (I've had a lazy year with writing my thesis, honestly .. spend way too many hours behind my computer), I'm set on becoming a running junkie. Got my plan of attacked worked out already, now only if the weather would cooperate..

Do you have any resolutions?



Merry Christmas to all of you! It might explain the silent times on STYLONYM as I'm back in my hometown enjoying everything Christmas related - I'm hopping from diner to Christmas Market to party and back again, leaving blogging less of a priority that it normally is.. Sorry! Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful time and are able to enjoy it with those dearest to you. 

Have a great one X



We are now in the most dark times of the year, and although I sincerely enjoy them I must admit I can't wait for summer: sun, sea, barbeques, outside drinks/ lunch and laughs - the joy! Hence a bit of summer inspiration this Monday, from the 'Sea Change' editorial in the January issue of Vogue Australia. Pictures from We Are So Droee



Ever since fashion became of serious interest to me, my preferences in terms of 'books and reading' made a turn as well: to gain understanding and overview the visual world inherent to fashion, books about fashion turn out to be good basis. Hence I've picked up reading on fashion - Below you find my favorites! 

1. Fashion Scandinavia: Contemporary cool - Gundtoft
I've mentioned it before: a definite favorite, given my love for clean and subtile Scandinavian fashion. A must read if you want to look further than Marlene Birger, Acné and the other 'well-known' Scandinavian designers. Remember the Louise Sigvardt blogpost HERE? Found her in this book .. particularly in that sense quite the eye-opener, also as it describes the development of the designers and their vision over time. Quite interesting! 

2. It - Alexa Chung
In short: the moodboard of Alexa Chung - reflecting her inspiration and style. I find her raw style highly inspirational, therefore I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book .. and so far so good, a definite must read!

3. Dries van Noten - Golbin/ Debo/ Bowles
Not out just yet, but described as 'the inspiration and intuition of top fashion designer Dries van Noten'. Need I say more? He is the one designer who heavily uses prints, colors and who knows what else and I still can appreciate - already for this reason alone I'm definitely getting the book .. Can't wait to read it! 

4. Louis Vuitton: Citybags - Jacobs/ Muller
The perfect book for a bag person such as myself, definitely: it describes the history of Louis Vuittons' women bags but in doing so also examines the phenomenon itself - how has the most appreciated women accessoire evolved over time? Thus a book that will provide you with both eyecandy and fashion knowledge - a combination I highly appreciate! 

5. Carine Roitfeld: Irreverent - Carine Roitfeld
Deemed a 368 pages long Curriculum Vitae, this book translates as a scrapbook of the very much appreciated and praised former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris: Carine Roitfeld. I've dived into it in a bookstore - it's definitely #1 on my list of books to grab! For me, she is all about that Parisian style that no one outside Paris seems to be able to grab - hence the more inspirational the book is, as it provides a very personal insight in the style and inspiration of mrs. Roitfeld.



Elle Netherlands dedicated their January issue to mrs. Doutzen Kroes in the form of three editorials - I can't say I mind, as I think she's a beautiful woman with a strong personality .. a role model. The three Kroes editorials are reprints of the ones from Elle France, and all carry their own character - to share with you I chose the editorial shot by Thomas Whiteside, which I find beautiful as it's diverse, raw and pure and shows a variety of outfits and styles. Hope you like it too, happy Wednesday! Pictures by FashionMilk



We're well into December, and SALE is on its way: various shops/ labels have yet started to reduce prices, thereby. Honestly, I've been keeping quiet in terms of sale shopping so far - awaiting the sale of my favorite shops and labels to begin. What I did get so far are the two beauties below: couldn't resist the black H&M Trend cardigan at 60% off, especially as my current black cardigan is about to fall apart .. #happyme. And then the ASOS striped cami .. after I missed out on THIS one and THIS one (out of stock, the most frustrating words..), the striped one crossed my path - done deal. 

So far so good. What I'm waiting for? First of all COS, as I'm looking to upgrade my wardrobe in terms of quality and want to make it more office proof - COS has such a beautiful, simple yet chic pieces .. can't wait. Second on the list is Zara, whose sale starts December 26 (this translates into webshopping with mum after Christmas diner, ha!) - I'm after their ankle boots, particularly. Third on is & Other Stories .. see my last post here, you'll understand why - virtually all pieces suit my closet, so for sure I'll be keeping an eye on that! Also the smaller shops and labels have caught my attention: for example, Zoe and Lola. They predominantly offer Scandinavian designer labels (think Hope Stockholm, Designers Remix, etc) and go up to 70% discount - meaning my favorite style of clothing is finally available within my budget! Also

And then there's the search for the Net a Porter sale piece that simply is love on first sight; last year I clicked home a beautiful Acné blouse with 70% discount .. who knows what this seasons' sale has in store!

Have you made any sale scores yet?


As far as visuals in fashion go, only a few models catch my attention in terms of inspiration. There is Freja, there is Daria.. beautiful women who have managed to put their mark on the crazy world called fashion and carry an unique personality/ visuality to the bunch. For me, the latest addition to this list is Crista Cober; a model I ran into over THIS editorial, 

If you ask me, Crista has something interesting over her: she's your gorgeous girl next door but with a raw, pure and slightly dark twist in it. In other words, able to work any outfit or setting while maintaining chic with a certain raw mysterious edge. For me, this editorial from the January/ February issue of Vogue Netherlands captures just that - and I love it. Pictures from Fashion Gone Rogue