Globalization. I've been using it as a core concept in my dissertation, but along the way I realized that it is literally everywhere - also in fashion. The amount of input we can gather everyday whenit comes to fashion is endless - I never feel like I'm done watching the content of webshops, fashion blogs and other platforms. And that's ... quite overwhelming! At the last round of fashion weeks I went through the roof - shows happened literally every day in different places, and trying to keep up with that isn't easy when you have to focus on day to day life. It went on for weeks: amazing but also remarkable, as apparently the whole circus moves from one country to another within the scope of a day or something .. Unbelievable when you come to think of it, because not only the whole circus moves but they find time to document everything as well through social media/ fashion platforms/ etc. It kind of made me wonder whether there's more to come in the accessibility of fashion (there is, maybe: I just found out that miss Beckham is preparing a webshop that combines all her clothing lines and is aimed to be something very special and different from the webshops as we know it. Can't wait to gaze at it!) 

So think about it - What would or wouldn't you be wearing right now if it wasn't for the webshops/ global shipping, for the high dynamic in communication (watching fashion shows live.. HELLO!) and for the foreign inspiration you get through fashion blogs and the like? For me, it would mean missing out on ASOS/ Topshop/ Gina Tricot (as they are NOT moving to the NL, hmpfl), missing out on the outfits of for example Elin Kling/ We Wore What/ Lovely by Lucy and etc, and I wouldn't have got to know some of my favorite designers (Céline, Acne...)! 

I must admit, being a fashion newbie - the world of fashion can be overwhelming as it seems hard to keep up with everything that's happening. The best advise I can provide so far? Pick 2/3 fashion websites as 4/5 fashion blogs as your daily read, and rely upon your intuition for the rest - and you'll get your daily fashion dose in the most suitable kind of way! (And o yeah, don't forget to gaze at a foreign Vogue/ Elle/ etc every once in a while - highly inspiring material!) 



When I heard of H&M launching a new label, I wasn't that excited at first - for some reason H&M clothes always seem to have the tendency to break with me, and then I haven't even discussed how I always feel a copy cat when I get some of their pieces  (it's creepy - whenever I buy something at H&M, I start noticing how many people are wearing the same thing in the following weeks..). But then there was & Other Stories .. Oh, how I was wrong! The new high end label of H&M provides more quality (for which you pay more, but hey - that's only fair right?), is more exclusive (the items can solely be purchased at their webshop and stores in London/ Paris/ Stockholm/ Barcelona/ Kopenhagen/ Berlin - which haven't all opened just yet) and, best of all, provides a more sophisticated, stylish and feminine approach to clothing - every item is really something special.

I've put together a few of my favorite pieces from the webshop above - and O YAY, the pretty blue thing in the right upper corner is mine! Although my boyfriend joked about how I had bought some sort of bed sheet (the scarf is 2xx cm by 1xx cm or something), I LOVE IT. The colour, the way it wraps around your neck (tons of thin fabrics that make the perfect scarf apparently) and the way it seems to fit with everything I'm wearing. 

So what do you think of & Other Stories?  



When you open your eyes to it, there turns out to be inspiration everywhere - as unlikely as it may seem. And
not entirely surprising either, that inspiration can be brought to you by the most unexpected places or people. 

For me, an unexpected source is one of the girlfriends of the biggest boyband today: Eleanor Calder. As the gf of One Direction member Louis Tomlinson, she occassionally runs into cameras - and what she reflects there in terms of style and fashion sense is worth mensioning if it's up to me. It kinda took me by surprise, as I turn out to be older than she is and didn't expect the gf of a boyband member to reflect what I like in terms of fashion (not that I don't like bands or anything, but since the Spice Girls have reappeared everything else seems insufficient ;)

Anyway, I adore her style - it may be a derivative of my adoration for Topshop, but in my opinion Eleanor Calder nails her outfits. They're always chic yet simple & casual, reflect a growing amount of courage in fashion (she sure dares to think outside the box, as shown by her appearance at the Topshop Fashion Show!) and, perhaps the thing I like best, emphasize femininity.  

Below you can see some of my fave outfits she has worn - I think I'll be booking tickets to London sometime  soon (after my dissertation is finished!) as seeing this pushes my Topshop craving through the roof!

So who or what is your inspiration, when it comes to fashion and style? 



So what does a girl do, when she can't loose herself in a shoe addiction? Right, she develops other addictions!
I have always been attracted to sunglasses in all forms and sizes, probably because they allow you to hide in painfull situations, reflect a glimpse of summer (which I'm craving for right now..!) and just breath a bit of fashion (when you're wearing the right one, I suppose..) 

Below you can see the ultimate outburst of my sunglasses crush: my dear Ray Ban glasses. Ever since I was 9, I wanted to become pilot - as this didn't work out (I don't exactly have a talent for science, nor can I see properly without contact lenses/glasses), I hád to have a memory of my all time childhood dream: this resulted in the purchase of the Ray Ban Aviator. And I love it, so much that I decided to spend my first pay check of my part time job on a second pair of glasses: the Ray Ban Oversized Clubmaster. During summer, both are of major importance - I don't leave the house without them. 

So what's your addictation? 



I'm a big nono when it comes to high heels, mainly thanks to my weak right ankle
(to the extent that during the time I played basketball, I would ruin my game in advance by spraining my ankle during a simple warming up move - and then had to follow the game from the bench feeling stupid).

As I had sworn off heels for ages, the first appearance of the sneaker wedge made
my heart skip a beat: given that sexy high heels generally are out of my comfort zone (with their
evil small heels, at least that's how they look to me), the possibility of heels disguised as amazing
sneakers seem like the perfect stable option for me! The first pair that caught my eye were
those of Isabel Marant, but as that's far from realistic I started looking around - and found these Nike Dunk Sky High beauties! As soon as my wallet is up for it, I'm planning on given them a try (as they are a serious 
attack on my wallet, and I wouldn't risk buying them to find myself spraining my ankle even
though these are not small heeled fancy pumps - would make my first high heel purchase a serious trauma)

So what do you think? Shall I use my physics as an excuse the acquire these beauties?! 



HI! My name's Jess, I'm a 23yearold living in Enschede. My life has never been a 
lala land when it comes to fashion and style, which is the main reason I've launched 
this blog: as my attention is to a growing extent caught by designers, fashion weeks, 
great pieces of clothing/ accessories and inspiring bloggers, this blog will take you through my 
fashion findings and developing sense of style. 

That is to say, as with the blog'thing, I'm quite new in the field of 'fashion and style'. I grew
up being more of a tomboy than a girls'girl - I've played basketball for ages, still manage to scare off
boys when I can talk along about soccer, and it wasn't that long ago when I started to wear skirts 
and dresses with confidence. STYLONYM will hence approach fashion and style from a bit 
different perspective that you're probably used to.

As for now I leave you with my 2 fave purchases of the last few weeks: the ZARA
citybag office and the fish bone necklace from ASOS. Cannot leave those two alone, as
it seems they match whatever I'm wearing.

I hope I can provide you with some fashion insights and a laugh every once and a while, while I continue 
to follow my fave bloggers, designers and brands and share my findings around here. 

Love, Jess



Saturday Inspiration 

It's weekend, and I'm definitly enjoying mine by means of music, drinks, webshopping, ignoring MSc thesis issues - and a little bit of Saturday inspiration ofcourse. Have a fun one!