I'm a big nono when it comes to high heels, mainly thanks to my weak right ankle
(to the extent that during the time I played basketball, I would ruin my game in advance by spraining my ankle during a simple warming up move - and then had to follow the game from the bench feeling stupid).

As I had sworn off heels for ages, the first appearance of the sneaker wedge made
my heart skip a beat: given that sexy high heels generally are out of my comfort zone (with their
evil small heels, at least that's how they look to me), the possibility of heels disguised as amazing
sneakers seem like the perfect stable option for me! The first pair that caught my eye were
those of Isabel Marant, but as that's far from realistic I started looking around - and found these Nike Dunk Sky High beauties! As soon as my wallet is up for it, I'm planning on given them a try (as they are a serious 
attack on my wallet, and I wouldn't risk buying them to find myself spraining my ankle even
though these are not small heeled fancy pumps - would make my first high heel purchase a serious trauma)

So what do you think? Shall I use my physics as an excuse the acquire these beauties?! 

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