As I'm off to Spain tomorrow, I'll leave you with some Friday inspiration - from the August issue of Vogue France. Autumn's coming, especially in terms of new collections and campaigns; this editorial captures some of the newfound trends we have ahead of us. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did! I will definitely be after some of them in Spain, throughout my holiday, which means the blog will be out for a day or 12 - Sorry! 

In the mean time though, follow me on instagram to get a sneakpeek into my Spanish adventures and the shopping rewards! 

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Having finished my dissertation, I'm finally back to a proper workout schedule - and boy does it feel good. As a growing fashion addict, my eyes were caught by the sportswear worn by women: how on earth did I miss out on the fact that a workout happens in style these days? The sporty trend seems to take over, as sports tights are increasingly worn in day to day life and 'number tees' are found everywhere. I hence figured that it'd be time for some searching on the essentials - you can see the results below. 

1. The shoes

Shoes, perhaps most important? I won't talk about my love for Nike Dunk Sky High's for once (although they do fall into the sports category) - instead, I looked for what else is there in terms of workout shoes. New Balance is apparently doing a fine job lately, but somehow their shoes don't do it for me - rather I'd work these Nike Free 5.0 V4, available at & Other Stories here. What can I say, I'm a fan of the blue ..

But in all cases, make sure that the shoes fit your exercises - it probably can't be said enough how the wrong shoes can mess up your workout and your body.

2. The number tee

Cannot be missed in one's basic/ workout wardrobe anymore, simple as that. Works well with basically all 'simple' items in your closet (think (skinny) jeans, shorts, skirts, etc). I came across this grey one from Twintip, and gotta admit I'd love to put it down and send it straight into my closet - but for those of you not looking for grey; they are available in multiple other colors as well, as for example this blue one right here

3. The shorts

Because summer has finally hit us and the tights are just too much to handle - especially during a workout. Again, a wide choice of lenghts and patrons and colors is available, but as most workouts require some interesting body positions (see the Nike Training Club app if you don't know what I'm talking about), you might wanna think twice about those shorts that reveal 50% of your behind. My current favourite is this one from Adidas by Stelly McCartney - love the colors! Available here.

4. The tights

They come in all colors and patrons one can think of - the fun never ends! My favourite is this one from Nike, the Nike Pro Tattoo Tech, available in the Nike shop here. It can be combined with a wide variety of (oversized) tops as the colors are quite subtile (in contrast to the print..) - I'd definitely go for a combo with white or olive green! And yes, I caught myself thinking that I would wear this one on a night out as well .. what do you think? 

5. The top

This is where my personal taste probably differentiates from the more common opinion. Despite the fact that I can appreciate the amazing stylish workout tops by for example Adidas (Stella McCartney!), basketballwear always has an advantage with me as it is extremely comfortable. During workouts I still like to wear basketball jerseys, as they don't carry sleeves and allow you to move freely. I hence picked this white Nike jersey from the men's basketball collection - and even though it carries the 'men' label, I'd say it fits quite well with those Nike's or that Stella McCartney shorts.



It was beyond obvious that Zara AW2013 would make it as a Monday Inspiration post - the new collection is brilliant and we all gazed at the campaign images launched last week. A discussion can be held about to which extent the Zara played the copy card and looked at the high end collections launched last February, but hey - as long as my wallet isn't high end proof, I sure love it. Enjoy my favorite items!



In terms of fashion, my own wardrobe is at a hold - our holiday to Spain is coming up, and I decided to stack up some financial resources to contribute to the Spanish economy (always happy to help beat that crisis, amigos). The pre-fun for Spanish shopping began this week with the Septembes Issues of Vogue UK and Elle NL - and uhoh, we're definitely up for an exciting AW2013 season. As time is limited and I do want to enjoy the cities (Barcelona and Valencia) and the boyfriend rather than the shops, I put together a little to do list - where to shop and what to get. If any of you has further recommendations as to where I should shop in Spain - happy to hear, please! 

1. Topshop
I'm a huge fan of Topshop - but not of their delivery system, if I may believe all the complaints on their Facebook page. Hence I'm looking forward to Topshop Barcelona, which is exactly around the corner of our hotel (!!). What I shall get when I'm there? Below you can find my latest favourites!

2. COS 
Also found in the Netherlands, but as I'm on a well planned shopping spree and in proper need of a decent winter coat, it's on my list: their AW2013 collection is brilliant, with coats that stand out in their simplicity and beautiful fabrics. Furthermore I have my eyes set on this beautiful nude leather purse, as my current one won't hold it that much longer. 

(product name angle)
3. & Other Stories
Oh yes, if there's one shop I can't wait for .. This exclusive sister of H&M only comes with 7 stores worldwide, so I can't wait to check it out! Especially their shoes and bags (and ok, their ready to wear collection as well) caught my attention, so I'm aiming to get some new additions to my collection. My favourite right now: 

4. Zara
After the campaign was launched earlier this week, I appointed Zara as my no.1 supplier for AW2013. And who didn't? There are a few things I don't love (and probably quite a few more I won't wear, as definitely not all items fit/ look like they do on the models). I will especially be after this coat:

And not to forget, this perfect blouse (haven't decided whether it will be black or white just yet):



FINALLY available in the Netherlands! Without doubt: the September issue of Vogue UK is something special - something inspirational. Without further explanation/ use of words/ unnecessary hassle: Enjoy! (and no, I'm not gonna go all Cara/ Pharrell. That has been done enough over the last few days)

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