I think it's common knowledge that Zara is doing a real good job lately: their summer collection gained positive reactions (to say the least) and now we're up for some 'after summer' fashion. Have you taken a look just yet? I did so yesterday, and well - my wallet suffered. As it is inspiration Monday (naturally), I gathered some favorites of Zara's new collection for you, to give you an impression and something to gaze at.. Keywords according to me: slingbacks, silk and simplicity. Enjoy! 

Pictures from www.zara.com







Summer's here, at last. This means the beachwear can finally leave our closets and see some
 sunlight - YAY! I've put together a few favorites from range of beachwear available at Net a Porter (website here). 

(Pictures from Net a Porter. Kaftan & maxi dress from Mara Hoffman, one shoulder swimsuit & cross- front 
swimsuit from Norma Kamali, triangle bikini from Orlebar Brown, bandeau swimsuit from Beth Richards)



So, Céline. I've never been quiet on my preference for the label, and throughout next winter it will definitely stay that way. Why? Just see below, be amazed and enjoy inspiration Monday! 

Pictures Céline Winter 2013, from www.celine.com



When you get into fashion, you tend to grow towards some profiling: you find out what you like and what you don't like. One of the things I've grown to like is Scandinavian fashion, which have often caught by eye through its simplicity - because less is more, right? The move that follows is an exploration of Scandinavian brands: for me, this means H&M trend, Filippa K and & Other Stories with an occasional twist of Acné, Hope, Dagmar and etc. More I discovered by the book Fashion Scandinavia (click to see), but the brands and labels mentioned here are often out of (financial or geographical) reach - nevertheless the book sure is a keeper, as it systematically captures fashion in Scandinavia and provides tons of inspiration. In my hometown, Scandinavian fashion is represented in the concept store Zoe and Lola (click to see) - a real recommendation with its clean intererior and brands like Dagmar, Hope and Stutterheim Raincoats. 

Currently, Dagmar is my favorite - especially when it comes to that Scandinavian simplicity. An impression is provided below, with some images from their latest fall collection - Enjoy! 

Pictures from House of Dagmar, Pre Fall 2013 at www.houseofdagmar.se 


So what is your fashion profile? Any specific style or label that entirely suits you?



Shame on me, it has been a week since I've been active around here. But to be quite honest - what a week! I graduated from university last Friday (YAY!) and am now up for some serious relaxing finally (and for spending time on the blog again, woohoo!). As I will be strolling around the country tomorrow, Inspiration Monday turns Sunday - and how. I've told you before that I'm all about accessoires - bags, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, you name it. The 'Major Details' editorial in the newest Vogue Netherlands is hence one of my current favorites - ENJOY, ladies and gentlemen! 

Pictures from Vogue Netherlands, August 2013



Who inspires you, when it comes to style and fashion? I noticed that while constructing this post, I tended to look for the latests fashionshows (have you seen Chanel last week? woohoo) and campaigns to put up here - but then I figured that is so not what I ought to be doing! Because in the end, my inspiration comes from the people rather than the pictures - the fashionbloggers. Below you can find some inspiration (outfits) from my favourite bloggers, enjoy! 



Until recently, I didn't care for jewelry (with the exception of earrings) - I was more fixated on clothing and on my ungoing addiction (bags), and figured most jewelry was too shiny or didn't suit my style. All of that changed when a few of my favorite bloggers showed off their approach to jewelry - it was then that I figured out jewelry doesn't equal BLING but can also be subtile and elegant, and worn on a day-to-day basis. This generated a straight up jewelry obsession: it started out with two necklaces from ASOS, after which I discovered the items made a former classmate of mine (the brand's called Made by Nicool, check it out here). As if this wasn't enough, the jewelry of Still With You (here) and The New Black Store (here) stole my heart: as we speak, four rings are on its way to me and I've just received a beautiful necklace. Below you can find my jewelry favourites I described above, with the exception of my TNBS necklace: on the top left are my Still With You rings, on the top right and below on the left are my Asos necklaces and below on the right are my Made by Nicool bracelet + necklace. 
Wouldn't be able to do without them!  


So what is your pick on jewelry? Any favourites you couldn't do without?  



Monday is back, and so is the inspiration! Today I have for you some of the outfits of the Alexander Wang 2014 Resort collection - outfits that caught my eye by their elegance and simplicity, and their colors! Must admit I'm crazy about those trousers anyway, they look as comfortable as my common sunday outfit but yet are X times more elegant and wearable in public - which is always a good thing, naturally! Oh, and how about that perfect black leather jacket (that silhouette!) and ultimate white dress (that sleeves!)? 

(pictures from www.vogue.com)