When you get into fashion, you tend to grow towards some profiling: you find out what you like and what you don't like. One of the things I've grown to like is Scandinavian fashion, which have often caught by eye through its simplicity - because less is more, right? The move that follows is an exploration of Scandinavian brands: for me, this means H&M trend, Filippa K and & Other Stories with an occasional twist of Acné, Hope, Dagmar and etc. More I discovered by the book Fashion Scandinavia (click to see), but the brands and labels mentioned here are often out of (financial or geographical) reach - nevertheless the book sure is a keeper, as it systematically captures fashion in Scandinavia and provides tons of inspiration. In my hometown, Scandinavian fashion is represented in the concept store Zoe and Lola (click to see) - a real recommendation with its clean intererior and brands like Dagmar, Hope and Stutterheim Raincoats. 

Currently, Dagmar is my favorite - especially when it comes to that Scandinavian simplicity. An impression is provided below, with some images from their latest fall collection - Enjoy! 

Pictures from House of Dagmar, Pre Fall 2013 at www.houseofdagmar.se 


So what is your fashion profile? Any specific style or label that entirely suits you?

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