For the past 5 months I've been looking for a new bag, and what a search it has been so far (I'm picky, yes). Turned to Little Liffner at first, but unfortunately those are out of reach without proper financial backup. Then the prototypes of the EDMA shoppers caught my eye, but apparently they are nothing more than prototypes just yet - which doesn't coincide well with my lack of patience. And then there was a spontaneous scroll through the COS webshop yesterday where I got hooked on this beauty. Found me a new savings project! What do you think? Happy Thursday all!



I went on and on, but couldn't find an Inspiration Monday editorial to put up here. Same feeling one has when standing in front of her (his) closet: so much in store, but nothing to wear - you know what I mean? It was then I realized two things: the combination of different components often brings about inspiration, and perhaps I must not look for that in one place (the editorial). Also - it is not only found in fashion.. right? The resulting Inspiration Monday post is thus a Mixup of pictures that don't have anything to do with eachother other than that they are all derived from Studded Heart. Enjoy, and have a great Monday! Pictures from Studded Hearts



Can't escape it anymore: Summer is coming and you better be ready for it! So in between working my ass off in the gym and getting my first bit of tan (oh yes, and 16840 other things that come with day to day life), I'm on the hunt for the perfect items. So far so good - particularly Zara and COS have been of great help - but I'm not nearly where I want to be when it comes to my beach wardrobe. And then there's so much beauty to choose from..! I've gathered some of my current favorites for you below, hope you'll enjoy (Click on the description to shop!) - and have a great Weekend!



It was through Instagram that I got my first introduction to the work of Alexandra Carl, a London based stylist. The raw and strong edge in her work caught my eye, and so I took a further look into everything the woman has done so far - which is quite inspirational if you ask me. This editorial for FAT magazine stood out, with the beautiful Lindsey Wixson working a colorful variety of looks and vibes - too good not to share, so here it is. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do .. and Happy Monday! Pictures from www.alexandracarl.dk 



It was only last Saturday that I got my hands on a book labelled 'Minimal', with tons of inspiration for minimal housing - no wonder that now, 4 days later, my mind is still up in minimal 'spheres' right? The new Flagship store of The Row thus caught my eye on more than 1 account: not only is this the place where all the brilliant pieces of The Row are displayed from now on, but it's also a little miracle in terms of minimal design. Mary Kate and Ashley are to applaud, as they designed the store which is now opened at 8440 Melrose Place in L.A.. Minimalism and beautiful fashion, what more can one want? Pictures from WWD



After a week of chaos and hectic, I'm more attracted to all things quiet en serene than usual - something that beyond doubt has played a part in my choice for today's Inspiration Monday post. This editorial originates from the latest issue of Vogue UK, revealing a minimal side to summer; one that allows you to calm down and gain back some energy - which is what I can use right now. Also, the editorial displays some beautiful pieces for summer: the swimsuits may all make their way to my wardrobe, to begin with. How's that for inspiration? Happy Monday! Pictures from Studded Hearts



Sorry for the slow week, dear readers - I've been on the move for most of the days, resulting in not so much attention for the blog. But as it's weekend and I'm allowed to stay in and relax, I'm back! 

I'm sure you haven't missed it: leading lady Elin Kling, together with lover Karl Lindman, has launched fashion label Toteme. Beyond doubt it can't be anything else than a success: minimalistic timeless elegant designs, how can one go wrong with that? I know I'm a fan, and I'm curious if you are too - you can see some of the designs below. What do you think? Have a great weekend!



Being in the process of finding a job, I can't escape thinking what life will look like when I have succeeded - a job means an income, and an income means possibilities. Did anyone say travel? Beyond that, I'm also curious to find what I will wear on a daily basis - that boyfriend denim I'm currently clinged onto won't hold it I expect, and so a wardrobe update will probably be in place. In terms of workfloor inspiration, I'm all about elegant with a casual twist - a proper blazer and shirt combined with slouchy trousers, for example. This editorial from L'Officiel Paris April 2014 breathes just that loose kind of elegant I'm looking for, and hence makes a perfect Inspiration Monday post. But eventually, all will depend on the company I end up in - underdressing or overdressing isn't an option when pursuing a career, I'd imagine. Happy Monday! Pictures from Chocolate Heels