Until recently, I didn't care for jewelry (with the exception of earrings) - I was more fixated on clothing and on my ungoing addiction (bags), and figured most jewelry was too shiny or didn't suit my style. All of that changed when a few of my favorite bloggers showed off their approach to jewelry - it was then that I figured out jewelry doesn't equal BLING but can also be subtile and elegant, and worn on a day-to-day basis. This generated a straight up jewelry obsession: it started out with two necklaces from ASOS, after which I discovered the items made a former classmate of mine (the brand's called Made by Nicool, check it out here). As if this wasn't enough, the jewelry of Still With You (here) and The New Black Store (here) stole my heart: as we speak, four rings are on its way to me and I've just received a beautiful necklace. Below you can find my jewelry favourites I described above, with the exception of my TNBS necklace: on the top left are my Still With You rings, on the top right and below on the left are my Asos necklaces and below on the right are my Made by Nicool bracelet + necklace. 
Wouldn't be able to do without them!  


So what is your pick on jewelry? Any favourites you couldn't do without?  

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  1. Thaanks voor de mention! :) Mooie ringen ook trouwens!


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