HI! My name's Jess, I'm a 23yearold living in Enschede. My life has never been a 
lala land when it comes to fashion and style, which is the main reason I've launched 
this blog: as my attention is to a growing extent caught by designers, fashion weeks, 
great pieces of clothing/ accessories and inspiring bloggers, this blog will take you through my 
fashion findings and developing sense of style. 

That is to say, as with the blog'thing, I'm quite new in the field of 'fashion and style'. I grew
up being more of a tomboy than a girls'girl - I've played basketball for ages, still manage to scare off
boys when I can talk along about soccer, and it wasn't that long ago when I started to wear skirts 
and dresses with confidence. STYLONYM will hence approach fashion and style from a bit 
different perspective that you're probably used to.

As for now I leave you with my 2 fave purchases of the last few weeks: the ZARA
citybag office and the fish bone necklace from ASOS. Cannot leave those two alone, as
it seems they match whatever I'm wearing.

I hope I can provide you with some fashion insights and a laugh every once and a while, while I continue 
to follow my fave bloggers, designers and brands and share my findings around here. 

Love, Jess

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