So what does a girl do, when she can't loose herself in a shoe addiction? Right, she develops other addictions!
I have always been attracted to sunglasses in all forms and sizes, probably because they allow you to hide in painfull situations, reflect a glimpse of summer (which I'm craving for right now..!) and just breath a bit of fashion (when you're wearing the right one, I suppose..) 

Below you can see the ultimate outburst of my sunglasses crush: my dear Ray Ban glasses. Ever since I was 9, I wanted to become pilot - as this didn't work out (I don't exactly have a talent for science, nor can I see properly without contact lenses/glasses), I hád to have a memory of my all time childhood dream: this resulted in the purchase of the Ray Ban Aviator. And I love it, so much that I decided to spend my first pay check of my part time job on a second pair of glasses: the Ray Ban Oversized Clubmaster. During summer, both are of major importance - I don't leave the house without them. 

So what's your addictation? 

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