When you open your eyes to it, there turns out to be inspiration everywhere - as unlikely as it may seem. And
not entirely surprising either, that inspiration can be brought to you by the most unexpected places or people. 

For me, an unexpected source is one of the girlfriends of the biggest boyband today: Eleanor Calder. As the gf of One Direction member Louis Tomlinson, she occassionally runs into cameras - and what she reflects there in terms of style and fashion sense is worth mensioning if it's up to me. It kinda took me by surprise, as I turn out to be older than she is and didn't expect the gf of a boyband member to reflect what I like in terms of fashion (not that I don't like bands or anything, but since the Spice Girls have reappeared everything else seems insufficient ;)

Anyway, I adore her style - it may be a derivative of my adoration for Topshop, but in my opinion Eleanor Calder nails her outfits. They're always chic yet simple & casual, reflect a growing amount of courage in fashion (she sure dares to think outside the box, as shown by her appearance at the Topshop Fashion Show!) and, perhaps the thing I like best, emphasize femininity.  

Below you can see some of my fave outfits she has worn - I think I'll be booking tickets to London sometime  soon (after my dissertation is finished!) as seeing this pushes my Topshop craving through the roof!

So who or what is your inspiration, when it comes to fashion and style? 

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