When I heard of H&M launching a new label, I wasn't that excited at first - for some reason H&M clothes always seem to have the tendency to break with me, and then I haven't even discussed how I always feel a copy cat when I get some of their pieces  (it's creepy - whenever I buy something at H&M, I start noticing how many people are wearing the same thing in the following weeks..). But then there was & Other Stories .. Oh, how I was wrong! The new high end label of H&M provides more quality (for which you pay more, but hey - that's only fair right?), is more exclusive (the items can solely be purchased at their webshop and stores in London/ Paris/ Stockholm/ Barcelona/ Kopenhagen/ Berlin - which haven't all opened just yet) and, best of all, provides a more sophisticated, stylish and feminine approach to clothing - every item is really something special.

I've put together a few of my favorite pieces from the webshop above - and O YAY, the pretty blue thing in the right upper corner is mine! Although my boyfriend joked about how I had bought some sort of bed sheet (the scarf is 2xx cm by 1xx cm or something), I LOVE IT. The colour, the way it wraps around your neck (tons of thin fabrics that make the perfect scarf apparently) and the way it seems to fit with everything I'm wearing. 

So what do you think of & Other Stories?  

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