Ever since fashion became of serious interest to me, my preferences in terms of 'books and reading' made a turn as well: to gain understanding and overview the visual world inherent to fashion, books about fashion turn out to be good basis. Hence I've picked up reading on fashion - Below you find my favorites! 

1. Fashion Scandinavia: Contemporary cool - Gundtoft
I've mentioned it before: a definite favorite, given my love for clean and subtile Scandinavian fashion. A must read if you want to look further than Marlene Birger, Acné and the other 'well-known' Scandinavian designers. Remember the Louise Sigvardt blogpost HERE? Found her in this book .. particularly in that sense quite the eye-opener, also as it describes the development of the designers and their vision over time. Quite interesting! 

2. It - Alexa Chung
In short: the moodboard of Alexa Chung - reflecting her inspiration and style. I find her raw style highly inspirational, therefore I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book .. and so far so good, a definite must read!

3. Dries van Noten - Golbin/ Debo/ Bowles
Not out just yet, but described as 'the inspiration and intuition of top fashion designer Dries van Noten'. Need I say more? He is the one designer who heavily uses prints, colors and who knows what else and I still can appreciate - already for this reason alone I'm definitely getting the book .. Can't wait to read it! 

4. Louis Vuitton: Citybags - Jacobs/ Muller
The perfect book for a bag person such as myself, definitely: it describes the history of Louis Vuittons' women bags but in doing so also examines the phenomenon itself - how has the most appreciated women accessoire evolved over time? Thus a book that will provide you with both eyecandy and fashion knowledge - a combination I highly appreciate! 

5. Carine Roitfeld: Irreverent - Carine Roitfeld
Deemed a 368 pages long Curriculum Vitae, this book translates as a scrapbook of the very much appreciated and praised former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris: Carine Roitfeld. I've dived into it in a bookstore - it's definitely #1 on my list of books to grab! For me, she is all about that Parisian style that no one outside Paris seems to be able to grab - hence the more inspirational the book is, as it provides a very personal insight in the style and inspiration of mrs. Roitfeld.

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