We're well on our way to NYE, so I guess it's about time for the 2014 resolutions.. bear with me!

1. Clean out my closet. My taste of clothes has made a shift last year, leaving my closet suffering - it's stuffed with items I definitely won't wear anymore, while those I do wear lay outside the closet as I use them all the time. Hence time for a muchneeded cleanup - and donate that what's not used anymore to those who do need it, eh?

2. Mind my shopping - Financial. This year, I started with a clean approach to purchasing: leave out the cheap stuff, no matter how cute it looks and how cheap it is, and invest. It has brought me only good; items of for example Acné or Designers Remix aren't normally within my budget, but now I own them and I love them.. and they're well worth holding in on those H&M/ Zara/ etc items, as they live a lot longer. 2014 will hopefully bring more investments/ a more solid wardrobe, as I hope to get a job and with that a proper income.  

3. Mind my shopping - Trying. Stick with what works, one could argue - but where does that leave you? 2014 will be my year of trying out new things; as a fashion rookie who only just starts to understand her own style, there's a world left to try out and try on. And I will.

4. Loose weight. The ultimate cliché resolution, naturally. No matter how you look upon it, fact is that fashion becomes less fun when items don't fit or look horrible - now I don't come across that problem just yet, but as I want to avoid any possible negative experiences in the future ánd I can use more energy/ workouts (I've had a lazy year with writing my thesis, honestly .. spend way too many hours behind my computer), I'm set on becoming a running junkie. Got my plan of attacked worked out already, now only if the weather would cooperate..

Do you have any resolutions?


  1. I'm about the same as you, but I've been quite successful in cleaning my closet and making great sales on eBay. Now I have less stuff, but stuff I really like and that I wear all the time.
    As for losing weight, it's so difficult, I'm trying to be more careful, I would love to go jogging but with 2 kids and a job that makes me work long hours it's difficult. As for the shopping, I've come to terms with the fact that I'm unfortunately hopeless!
    Mafalda ❤


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