Oh, how time flies! In terms of fashionweeks, we're already moving on to Milan - but not before we've talked about London properly. Because boy, London was góód - don't you agree? 

1. Burberry Prorsum. If any, Burberry Prorsum has shown us thé way to wear our scarves next season (nonchalant, that is) and the way to decorate (those sheepskin jackets..!). It translated into a somewhat dreamy collection given the silhouettes, but at the same time I couldn't escape the hippy vibe brought by the color palette and decorations. A true eyecatcher. 

2. Topshop Unique. Where high end meets high street, in a way that's widely appreciated. Also by yours truly, who is now craving those knee high boots - do I need to explain? The collection itself came through as quite the raw one, working a tomboy vibe - yet at the same time, a soft touch was also found in the materials, colors and some designs. Great combination, if you ask me. 

3. Giles. A bit hyped because of the Kardasian presence (who wore a stunning dress, honestly), this show generated quite some excited reactions. And I agree; the diverse collection satisfies in any womans' needs - from that beautiful cozy Sunday knit to funky evening dresses. Also, the color palette triggers ones' creativity: amongst stable black/grey/white, orange and lime green were also to be found .. how's that for a twist.

Pictures from Vogue UK

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