There are times in life when fashion doesn't suit the whole: times of illness, times of lazyness and, most of all, times of hectics. That is exactly what has been going on for me the past few months: writing my MSc thesis/ conducting research is a full time job, especially when combined with sports, a social life and a boyfriend. So what better for me to do then to provide fashion/ beauty tips for when one finds herself in hectic times? 

1. Take care of yourself! 
As not much time was spend on fashion the past few months, not much was spend on shopping either and I wasn't happy with my current clothes at all - but knowing that you spend your days behind a laptop to write a thesis doesn't exactly make you want to do something about that either. So what I did in turn was investing in myself, rather than in my clothes! Inspired by the beauty post on This Chick Got Style (click to read!), I upgraded my entire skincare collection (never knew Biodermal was this good) and thereby upgraded my skin - and how good it feels to take care of yourself/ your skin after an entire day of studying!  

2. Plan your purchases strategically 
With time being short, I started planning my shopping/ purchases. Planning you ask? YES! By doing so, I spend my money on perfect purchases rather than those 'made in a hurry and not so satisfying after all' - and it allowed me to shop in stores I wouldn't get to normally, as Enschede doesn't contain that much brilliant fashion shops. So I patiently waited, and shopped in the Hague and Munster - hello COS, Filippa K and some amazing streetstyle shops! Planning also means you can take adventage of time/date related opportunities, such as sale: next Friday I will be the first one to enter the sale at Zara Enschede at 10:00 AM, while meeting my thesis supervisor on Skype at 11:00 AM - it takes a bit of planning, but guess who will have the first pick at Zara? 

3. Make fashion something to look forward to .. and be surprised!   
Obviously, not shopping while being eager to make some purchases and change your clothing collection makes one frustrated. But what turnes out: the best comes for those who wait! I was looking forward to getting a new pair of Nike Dunk Sky High's Mesh Black, which I aimed to get during my little trip to the Hague, but guess what .. right before I went, Bijenkorf threw them on sale for an entire weekend. My weekend was góód! Sale can be put in the same category: as after a busy period with practically no shopping one has a shopping budget left, you're  able to buy some stuff that normally doesn't suit my budget .. Like that pretty brown leather bag at Zara which I will confiscate tomorrow morning ;) Sure doesn't hurt to hold in every once in a while!  

So what are your fashion/ beauty tips?


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  2. It was good that you had the time to do other things that working with your thesis project. Actually, it is good to have a break every once in a while when working with thesis writing. In that way, people can refresh the mind and relieve some stress cause by too much doing researching.


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