I can't get my head around the things I'm supposed to do: finalizing my thesis, preparing my research presentation, finding a job and deciding where we (as in I ├índ boyfriend) want to live after Enschede. Hence I'm falling into postponing behavior - and in love with these editorial from Vogue Spain (July 2013). I guess I like how fashion touches upon sports with an edge of summer blended in - ultimate inspiration for the upcoming summer (although a 'rain rescue plan' is to be made ..) 

For now, I present to you: Inspiration Monday! 
(pictures from Fashion Copious)

Ps. It may be evident that I now want holiday. And a new sunglasses collection ..  

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  1. Die bril op foto 1 is echt tof! I want a Rayban aviator met spiegelglazen! <3


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