Confronting, running into something that strongly appeals to you. Yesterday I watched 'It's in the sky', a documentary by Sarah Domogola on what fashion, and our approach towards it, means. Why do we dress the way we dress and what does it say about us? The docu highlights why it is that (some of) us women highly appreciate CĂ©line and Stella McCartney these days, putting their relatively modest and simple style in the background of the current society; where women are multidimentional and, perhaps more important, busy. How does this affect us and our ideas about fashion?

The entire documentary was a big point of recognition for yours truly - like the producer, also I made the unexpected change from a colorful, printed wardrobe to a preference for the simple, modest items in store. What followed was a reflection of perspectives and ideas that could've been mine, leaving me wondering how that current flow of simple and modest fashion is rooted in the lives of other woman. Hence, an interesting must-see. 

Watch it here - the documentary is in Dutch, but with various English and French contributions, and only takes 25 minutes of your time.

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