What sometimes surprises me in fashion is how it seems able to change our perception of a (perfect) person - models, to be exact. Really, they are like chameleons to me - each editorial, campaign or runway show brings about a different look and with that a visual differing person then I thought I recognized from before. #1 example for me is ms. Cara Delevigne - she ranges from tomboy right to femme fatale (a characteristic that might come in handy in daily life too, I'd imagine), and for that I am a fan (wish I could pull it off, ha!). Then again, what about the models who are defined as 'characteristic', either for their mouth (Lindsey Wixson), curves (the beautiful Lara Stone), or who knows what else - and are booked because of that characteristic. Hence I wonder: is a model appreciated because of her unique look, or is she appreciated because of her ability to change/ chameleon her way through various editorials, campaigns and trends? What do you think? (Pictures from Pinterest)

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