Picked up my first copy of The Gentewoman EVER just a few days ago at the airport; something which I very much looked forward to ever since I first heard about it - a strong fashionmagazine with something to tell and not too much of a commercial vibe, how good does that sound? It didn't disappoint at all, I can assure you - strong interviews, interesting topics and beautiful editorials. An editorial that particularly catched my eye is the one below, entitled Free. Summer is on it's way, and for yours truly the public park plays a giant role during it (also because there's no sea/ lake around, true..) - hanging around all day with friends, having wine from plastic cups while enjoying the sun OR just being there on my own, reading a book/ magazine while getting a tan. The SS2014 issue  editorial below captured that exact feeling, and hence got me obsessed: I definitely can't wait for summer to come. Can you? Pictures from Style Pantry


  1. Inspiring!
    ♡ I would be super happy to welcome you to hug-you.com ♡

  2. I love the Gentlewoman! Beautiful photography.


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