I consider the search for a winter coat a horror already, but honestly: the search for some kind of summer coat is the superlative. Other than the winter coat, the coat that 'just' needs to be warm, the summer coat has to fulfill its duty on a range of occassions: during cold nights where you're out and about for a drink, windy/ colder days, while travelling and etc (hence the upcoming of the term 'trans-seasonal'?). And then I haven't even mentioned the issue of aligning the choice of coat with the rest of ones' summer wardrobe. Horror. Currently, this beauty from & Other Stories is on my mind: subtile, minimal and light. 

But then again, options everywhere right? Hence I will be on the hunt for a beautiful coat today, taking a shot at some of the great stores that Valencia has to offer: COS, Sandro and, offcourse, Zara. Will report back to you as soon as I found my ultimate coat. In the mean time: what (kind of) coat do you wear during summer?

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