What I'll be doing this weekend:

1. Prepare our upcoming trip to Valencia - it'll be the third one within a year, but what can I say .. that city has everything to have a fantastic holiday, from beautiful beaches to perfect delicate restaurants. This time we rented our own appartment, which is located right next to a local market and has an outside terrace - I can see myself preparing fresh fish with veggies after a long day at the beach, which we'll finish on the terrace. Exactly the holiday I'm looking for!

2. Write that ultimate SALE blogpost,in which I'll share all my cravings. Designers Remix, Samsoe & Samsoe, & Other Stories and COS already have me hooked, but I have yet to make up my mind .. writing the post will help with that, hopefully! Particularly on the lookout for one good blazer (below you can ready why) and some steady heels, but who knows what I'll end up with - it's sale, after all .. 

3. Have the ultimate Tapas/ Wine diner with our neighbours on their roofterrace - simply enjoy summer. Tips for homemade (vegetarian) tapas, anyone?

4. Go to the gym. It simply has been too long.. Then again, I can't wait to project my energy and adrenaline on a workout or two.. Past week has got me going on; why exactly you can read below. 

5. Enjoy the latest addition to my wardrobe. Remember the bag I talked about HERE? Well, a week ago I got a job (!!!), after which my mum decided it would be the ultimate from-mother-to-daughter present for the occassion. She couldn't be more right, if you ask me - it's the perfect bag to take to work. It came in today and it's so so pretty (making me so so happy)! 

6. Look for houses. As I mentioned earlier - with a job, a move to the other side of the country would come along. The great search for that perfect place (and that perfect workwardrobe, but ok..) has hence started, and with that I'm becoming more and more of an interior/ architecture fanatic .. Thus don't be suprised if some interior inspiration will pop up here! 

Do you have any plans for the weekend? In any case - have a great one! 


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