Little did I know if and what to write here about MH17, until this afternoon. Over the past days the event slowly got to me, realizing that it could have been us and everyone we know. Here in the Netherlands, there's a small perceived distance to the MH17 plane crash; as said multiple times in Dutch media, everyone knows somebody who knows somebody - whether it's a victim or survivor, it's close - also for yours truly. It has imposed a rollercoaster of feelings to the entire country over the last few days, to say the least.

Accepting what has happened was and is difficult - it simply is too horrible, too abrupt, too not-imagineable. And then the first 40 coffins were carried out of the military airplanes at Eindhoven Airport earlier today, forcing realization upon all of us. The realization that this plane, these people got dragged into something they hadn't anything to do with, in a horrible way - leaving us with feelings of anger, disbelief and despair as our Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans put so accurately. R.I.P. 


  1. It´s horrible. This is the first comment i read from a dutch person, I was wondering what were you thinking. Since the media only wants to cover the Russia-Ukraine conflict, we find out too little about the pain in your country.

    No one deserves this kind of tragedy, is awful, I just can´t realize how a person or group of people can take a desicion such as taking down an airplane, especially when the passengers are completely innocent people, and not related with the conflict.

    I am not a religious person, but in my own spiritual way, I pray for the victims. I also pray for peace, and for all the people involved with this accident.

    Thank you for posting this. Besos.

    1. Dear Ana, thank you for your words and for your prayers. X Jessica

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