Third time in a year, and what a great holiday - again. I will avoid the positive monologue and instead show you what I was up to in Valencia last week. Got to know a different party of the city this time - the more 'raw' part of the centre where art is found everywhere, as you can see below. Beautiful, isn't it? Made the strolling around even more fun and also brought forward some sort of inspirational mood .. creativity spreads soon, it seems! The raw edge was softened by greener areas, such as the Turia (a former river flowing through the city, which was dried out and made into a 9km long park) and the botanic garden. The last one, of which you can also catch a glimpse below, was a first for me and the boyfriend this time, and turned out to be a wide collection of plants from all over the world put together in a beautiful park. Perfect daytime activity, particularly in combination with a picnic!

Our apartment was in the middle of all of this, making it a perfect homebase for the week. And it allowed us to cook at home - something that doesn't sound spectacular, but sure turned out to be in Spain. Have you ever did grocery shopping in Spain? Fresh fish, meat and veggies at your local Mercado as far as you can see - healthy living is not such a difficult task when it's up to the Spanish apparently (apart from the wine according to some, then again - a wine aday keeps the doctor away?). The result: 2 perfect home diners!

And then there was the sun, the beach and the eating out. Different holiday, same beach, same sun and different restaurants - and sure we've found a new little gem. Hence a special mention for La Comisera, who have thrown me one of the best diners of my life. Think tapas mindset (share every plate with the ones you're with), add some sort of oriental layer ( crunchy prawns with wasabi mayonaise?) finished with simple yet surprisingly good combinations (slices of roast beef with mango chutney and red cabbage, who would have figured?) - that's how to capture the essence of this great restaurant. And it's all prepared for you by a Scottish chef. Surprising huh? If you ever found yourself looking for delicious yet affordable food in Valencia, this restaurant is first class option which I promise you will definitely enjoy. 

Hope the short photo diary below brings you in the summer mood too! Have a great Sunday X


  1. How beautiful…! I love vacations in which you can cook your rented home. A number of years ago, I took a trip to Greece with friends, and every night we'd go into town and get the most delicious bread and cheese and wine…and eat and laugh and drink in our rented house. So much fun!!

    1. Indeed - your trip to Greece sounds really good! It will be our destination next year, can't wait to go at it the way you described!

  2. <333 nice pictures !

  3. Lovely pics ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  4. Your photos are really nice, love the angles.

  5. Nice pictures!!



  6. Great photos! Looked like you guys had an amazing time!!!

    - Kristine B

  7. The architecture looks really beautiful and I love the street art! xx


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