Discovering the 'world' of fashion, I never considered the Dutchies to be a real dealbreaker. I mean, up on the streets we generally have Espana (Inditex with Zara, Mango, Bershka and so on), Scandinavia (H&M, COS, & Other Stories, Monki, Gina Tricot) & the UK (Topshop, ASOS, etc), while in terms of 'high end' I considered France, Italy, Scandinavia & the UK to be the top notch with its amazing designers. So I wondered, what does the Netherlands has to offer in terms of Fashion? Then I googled 'Fashion / Nederland', & the fun begun. Below you can find a short tour of those things 'Fashion' that the Netherlands have to offer. I was amazed, & I hope you will be too!

Distinguishing between 'high street' and 'high end', the Netherlands have two brands that have well made their way to the high street global market: G-Star and Supertrash, the first being a leading denim brand while the second represents a feminine yet tough approach to fashion. An impression (pictures www.i-donline.com & www.fashionchick.nl)

In terms of 'high end', the Netherlands have two outstanding designers - or well, 1 designer and 1 designer duo: Viktor & Rolf, and Jan Taminiau. My first introduction to the work of Jan Taminiau was at April 30, 2013. How good did queen Maxima look, seriously? That blue robe, uhoh - and then I haven't started about that beautiful dress she put on during the evening program. I conducted some research - his work breathes everything I ever thought to be fashion .. a big plus for the Dutch fashion industry. Below, Taminiau's little boy's dream can be found - the dresses he provided for queen Maxima (pictures from Elle NL)

And then there's Viktor & Rolf. The one of a kind couple who stole the hearts of a whole bunch of fashion addicts - and right they are. Their style is unique, to that extent that I can even recognize their work (yes, me, the one who didn't understood that LV is Louis Vuitton for a long long time..). For me personally, their work touches upon art: it's beautiful fashion with a (sometimes not to wearable/ practical) twist. Below you can find an impression of their AW 2013 collection/ fashion show (pictures of www.dezeen.com & Elle NL)

Occasionally the Dutch seem to have their fashion outbursts in the form of an event or two. The Amsterdam Fashion Week makes its appearance twice a year, supporting the Dutch up and coming in terms of Fashion (Jan Taminiau showed there too!). My favourites of the last year?  Elise Kim, Domenico Cioffi & Studio Jux! 

Furthermore some fashion can be found in the Dutch world of Art as well: how about the 2012 exhibition of Azzedine Ala├»a in the Groninger Museum, or that of Iris van Herpen? Or the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition in Rotterdam? You might start a discussion about the (Dutch) interdependence between fashion and art, but being the newbie that I am - I'm gonna stay out of that. The subject I would like to introduce, however, is the presence of the Dutch fashion magazines - in particular the Dutch Elle & Vogue. If it weren't for these, my fashion sense would be nowhere right now. They managed to map everything has to offer, both outside and inside country borders, and keep an eye on the development of fashion in the Netherlands - and for sure it's promising, don't you think? 

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