Ugh. How one can long for a (welldeserved, if I may say) holiday. In 2,5 months I'll be strolling through Valencia and Barcelona with the boyfriend, can't wait. Up until then, I'm stuck in the Netherlands with my Master Thesis (a huge research/ paper you do prior to your university graduation), not that much fun - although there's one big plus to it: not travelling or doing things (enjoying life, for that matter) but full time studying instead allows one to save up some financial resources .. for that  moment when I have a normal life again.

In a mood of pre-holiday fun I decided to look up the Spanish offer of fashion stores - fashion across one's borders. And boy, is it big! Big to the extent that I started fantasizing about a new wardrobe, as I'm sick of my everyday study outfits which are NOT fashionable nor interesting, but yet comfy (which is pretty nice when you're killing yourself over European Integration Theory, for that matter). The offer of stores in Spain will change that for the better, sure. Highest on my list are Topshop, & Other Stories and Filippa K - all of which are probably quite common for most of you, but when living in Enschede, NL .. not that much. (Now I know there are webshops, but come on - shopping in a store is much better right?!) .. So therefore I would like to ask you - do you have any tips/ comments/ ideas on where to go shopping in Espana? 

Oh and yes, the hardest part. The boyfriend's idea was to travel light, meaning 10kg of luggage for 9 days for each of us - something that highly intereferes with my 'I will be buying a new wardrobe in Spain, yup' ideas. Ought to get interesting when catching our plane back to the Netherlands, wearing 16 layers of clothing .. 

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