Stefanie Biggel - SS14 Catwalk

I launched the HIGHLIGHT category of blogposts on STYLONYM to introduce you, my dear reader, to the worthwhile and exciting initiatives in fashion that are less visible to the common eye. Today in the HIGHLIGHT category my new favorite from Switzerland. Based in Zürich, Stefanie Biggel is a promising young Swiss fashion brand; designer Stefanie Biggel only just graduated from the Institute for Fashion Design (Basel) in 2009 and carries a clean, cool and thoughtful approach to fashion. Unique pieces of clothing are the result, with signature prints and pieces that both tell a story and reveal a vision - right up the alley of yours truly, as Stefanie's vision translates into balanced collections with a strong character. Curious? Below you can watch the AW13 show.

It's fair to say that the designs of Stefanie Biggel seamlessly fit the strong and clean style I appreciate so much: they capture a sense of effortless cool that often is hard to find (if you ask me). To make it more interesting, Stefanie also pursues collaborations with various artists: for example, the 'Human Print' exhibition with Natalja Romine, where the beauty of freckles is considered - in a way you wouldn't expect, resulting in a beautiful exhibition. Finally, I fell for the careful consideration of fabrics used in Stefanie's collections: the high quality materials used are of serious influence on the designs, making them a bit playful in terms of shape and fit. 'Strong, clean & cool with a playful twist' would hence be my description of Stefanie Biggel.

Stefanie Biggel - AW13


Want to get to know Stefanie Biggel a bit better? Stefanie was kind enough to answer a few questions for STYLONYM.. 

1. What is the thought behind Stefanie Biggel?
My work always has a conceptual approach and is mirroring a reaction to “the now” in a poetic but subtile way. I think this is what people love about my clothes; there is always a little story that can be told about my garments. For example, for SS14 I have thematised the issue of anonymity in bigger cities and developed my own prints that illustrate facades and concrete wall, creating a camouflage in urban cities.

2. How does the creative process evolve, from design to production?
I always start with a mood that evolves from the previous collection. My work is an ongoing story about a woman and her reaction to the environment. Each collection is a continuation of the story. An essential element to my products is the high quality of the materials I use. Once I found the perfect materials, the collection almost designs itself.

3. Who or what inspires Stefanie Biggel?
My work often contains elements from my hometown. For example the Prime Dress, which is printed with the facade of the tallest building in Zürich. This city is the home-base and source of my inspiration - so it happens very naturally. One of the main inspirations however are the discussions and collaborations with my friends from all kinds of creative industries.

4. Where would Stefanie Biggel like to be in 5 years? (Any specific ambitions?)
I want my customers to have access to my products all over the world and I want to continue doing great collaborations with artists. They are my fuel to keep on doing innovative collections and surprise my followers and customers again every season. I also want to continue facilitating the stories behind the clothes we wear. They are a beautiful canvas to express ourselves.

5. What is the biggest compliment Stefanie Biggel has received, and from who?
This is an easy question. It’s all those followers and customers who understand and wear my designs.

Stefanie Biggel - SS13 Catwalk 

In collaboration with Stefanie Biggel, STYLONYM is now hosting a GIVEAWAY where YOU can win one of the gorgeous Stefanie Biggel pieces: the white leather bag shown below & found HERE

What to do? You can win this beautiful bag bij taking the following steps.

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The competition will run from today, and is open untill February 5. All entries are to be checked on having followed the three steps above, and on February 6 a winner will be picked randomly. Good luck!


As adequately capturing the work of Stefanie Biggel is hard to do in 1 blogpost, I'll leave you with my Stefanie Biggel favorites, and with a promise for this spring: as soon as a glimpse of summer is to be catched, the SS14 lookbook will appear on STYLONYM. And believe me, it is good: see the teaser below.


Stefanie Biggel/ Natalja Rumine - the Human Print
AW13 - Catwalk


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